Journey of a Gluten Free LIfe-The Bean is Gluten Free!

So there you have it folks.

The long, sickly process of my  Celiac diagnosis. Eatin' Gluten free {happily}ever since. At this point, I no longer miss those glutenous foods, although, I do sometimes miss the convenience of them-I know the horror that is an accidental ingestion {I'll tell you about that business sometime:) } and have no temptation to eat anything not g-free. Being gluten free, has come to be much more than just not eating gluten; it has helped to eliminate a lot of other unhealthy things from my diet as well. Over the coarse of being gluten free, I have also removed dairy, corn, soy, and now refined sugar from my diet, in addition.
: : : : : 
Fortunetly, these days the medical community is much more up to date on this disease. One of my doctors told me awhile back that in medical school, Celiac disease was only explained in one small paragraph in a med book. They were told that they would never see a patient who had it--but because it was such a small tidbit, they (or at least this doctor) had to learn it only for potential testing reasons.
Yup, Celiac as a trick question. Hence why nobody ever thought of it as a possibility, or even thought of it for that matter.

Anyway...because of this new awareness, hopefully nobody else will have to go on such a {long} journey as I did.

Maybe someday I'll tell you about how my prolonged diagnosis caused this damage and resulted in this here.

So lets get back to business, shall we? I got some tasty recipes a brewin' and new products to test for you.
See you on the other side! {of the weekend, that is}

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