Chewy Flourless Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

I've been staring at this page for a good twenty minutes trying to think of something clever to right here in this post, but the truth of it is that is is too hot, my mind is focused on the two episodes of American Horror Story I have left to watch and I am currently using all my internal power not to go make a large pre-dinner snack of tacos.
I can't think right when I'm hot and hungry and in the middle of a Netflix coma.
I just cannot.


Adventures in Whale Watching

Turns out trying to catch a pic of a moving whale is a lot harder then it looks.
Especially when you don't have a zoomy enough zoom, and you're wearing glasses that keep fogging up every three seconds, and then the minute you put the camera down to clean your glasses is when the big'ol thing decides to start doing back flips.

It was a whole thing you guys.

Port San Luis || Avila Beach, Ca

This post is actually a compilation of two separate visits to Port San Luis, because I waited so long to post this that I had gone again.
The second time was in an attempt to see whales though, not an actual intentional visit to the Peir so i guess that makes it fine.

Disclaimer: I did not see any whales. Unless you count the splashes a million miles away that people say were whales.
But, no pics didn't happen.


Gluten Free/Dairy Free Chicken Taquitos || Two ways

I have this thing about myself where I fixate on one thing and then over do it to oblivion until I am so sick of it I never want to think about it again.

This happens with foods, television, music, clothing, and anything else that I see/eat/listen to. 

It's why Netflix runs my life and why I've listened to the Brandon Flowers album exclusively on loop for the last two weeks.

This obsessiveness is also why I could never even begin to be a drinker or drug user. There's no such thing as recreational usage of anything when you are me.

Anyway, in addition to eating salmon cakes like they are going out of style I have developed another food addiction while out of an oven.

Being without an oven meant I suddenly developed this thing with frying foods, which is not a good thing so thank goodness I have an oven again.
Now that I do have the power to bake again, I can continue my taquito love in a slightly healthier way, but because I believe in the power of equal opportunity I shall share with you both methods of cooking these little bundles of joy.


Avila Beach, CA || Avila Valley Barn

On this installment of Carina goes places, we're talking about Avila Valley Barn.