Easy Knitting Loom Infinity Scarf Tutorial

A while back, i mentioned that I was going to attempt to make an infinity scarf on a knitting loom. I had a craving for thick knitted cowl, and as it goes, I don't actually know how to knit. I'm also poor, so theres that.

I have made about a million hats on these looms, so why not make something else? Creative minds and all.

So I did it. Then I did it again two more times with different colors. And here is my photo-full, GIF infused, step by step instructions on how to make a knitted infinity scarf (and or cowl) on a knitting loom!

This is a great little winter project, and would also make a great last minute Christmas gift!

Lets get to it:

To start, purchase a nice thick skein of yarn. Both this blue scarf, and the rust colored one were made with a yarn by Heartland. You can certainly use a less thick yarn, as i did with the gray scarf-but you will need to double up the strings so that the scarf won't end up all hole-y like. (the stitches will end up the same size using the loom, no matter the size of your yarn. You want a thicker one that will fill out the stitches.) I used the largest circular loom (the yellow one) to make these scarves, you could probably also use one of those rectangular ones-but I don't have one of those so I dint know how they work.

If you are making a scarf for a small child, or you have a freakishly small neck, you can probably just make the scarf as you would a hat-and not seal of the ends. The scarf is basically being made as a rectangle, then the ends get put together to make it an infinity scarf.  If you desire, you can also forego the joining of the ends, and make it a regular scarf.

The amount of yarn you need depends on how long you want to make your scarf.  I used two skeins of Heartland yarn, but for the grey one that I doubled up I needed four skeins. You will definitely  need at least two skeins though.

(pictures move left to right)

First)  Wrap the end of your yarn around the little knob on the side of the loom. Don't tie it, just wrap it around a good few times. Next, you'll wrap the yarn around each peg. Pull the yarn around the back of the first peg, and on to the next. Continue around the whole loom until you get to the last peg*, then turn you yarn around, and produce another loop around each peg until you get back the the first peg. There should be two loops on each peg. (*If you were making a hat, you would continue the yarn back around the first peg so that it links together. BUT we are making a scarf. So you do not want it to go around the circle, unless you have an incredibly small neck. Also, if you desire a thinner scarf, just stop your row at an earlier peg. )

This is how you loop around the pegs:

Next, you will use your handy little tool and pull the bottom loop over the top loop on each peg, starting at the end of the row. (the last loop you made, before starting the second row of loops. Not the first peg you looped around.)

Like so:

After you have pulled all the bottoms over the tops, you will begin again. Make another loop around the top of the peg, then pull the bottoms over. Keep doing this until you have reached the desired length of your scarf.

To finish your scarf, you will pull ll the bottoms over the top, so that there is only one row. Then you will pull the bottom of your scarf over the pegs To do this, find the loops on what was the very first row you made, and put on loop over each peg. (as seen in third photo) Next, you will pull the bottom loop over the top loop (which is the bottom of your scarf) until there is only one loop on your scarf. 

Then, you will cut your yarn, so that there is a good tail. ( I measure it by wrapping the string of yarn around the whole loom once or twice, then cut it.) You will wrap the tail around the peg as you would have if you were making a new row, but rather then going around the whole loom, only do one peg at a time. Pull the bottom loop over the top, as you would-but then pull the remaining loop which is your tail of yarn, all the way out, so that nothing is left on that peg.( as seen in the last photo)

That probably sounds confusing, I know. I'm not really that great at describing instructions. I'm a visual learner/teacher, you see...

Anyhoo, after all your loops are off the loom, adjust your scarf, so that the tail of yarn is loose and flexible. Then tie off the end, and weave the little tail back into itself.

And here is the finished product:

They are all a little different, the blue and rust are made the same; both as a sort of cowl, with the blue just a little bit shorter. Then the grey one I made skinnier and longer, so that it can wrap around my neck twice-and still be pretty loose.

If you make it to thick, and it starts to bother the back of your neck, you can just were it as a hood instead. See:

Lemons into lemonade.

Let me know if you have any questions about these instructions at all. If you are totally confused, and need me to come sit on your couch and chow you how to do it; that can be arranged. For a fee. ;)

Enjoy! XOXOX


Ginger Bread Men

In the last week, the house has been covered in sparkly little lights, filled with Christmas crafts, and swallowed up in what was supposed to be the storm of the century. So what does one need to do when the weather is finally cold and wet and the inside is full of holiday spirit.


Naturally some delicious and fragrant gingerbread men need to make an appearance at some point during the season, and what better time then the present!

I shared the recipe a few years ago, and made it exactly the same way this time. It is a bit of a difficult situation rolling these puppies out. Even after they chilled for a good thirty hours, the dough was sticky and not easily rolled or shaped.
Eventually, I just resorted to pounding the dough with my fist rather then the rolling pin, which worked out well for the cookies-not so well for my carpal tunnel.

 Enjoy! xoxox


Chicken Marsala and Gluten Free Naan bread

I'm facing the reality that nothing is going to get done around here until I finish Gilmore girls. I have had absolutely no motivation to do anything all week, I call it the Netflix curse. Every time I start a new series I get thoroughly obsessed until its over, and promise myself to not start a new series ever again. I just cannot control myself to just one or two episodes. It is a serious world issue. 

In the meantime, I'll go ahead and share with you a couple of recipes that I have fallen in love with as of late. I can take absolutely no credit for them, other then switching dairy items to non-dairy products. The photos and the love though, those are all mine.

Ever since I saw The 100 Foot Journey movie back in September, I have had a craving for Indian food. It all just looked sooooo good. So after the movie, I did what any other red blooded american would do, I turned to Pinterest. 
And I found this recipe from Chew Out Loud. And it is perfection.
 The recipe is naturally gluten free, but not dairy free. So to fix that, I just bought some So Delicious dairy free yogurt for the chicken and used coconut cream instead of the heavy cream in the sauce. It worked splendidly. I could even happily take out the chicken, and have it be a vegetarian dish.

To make the dish even better, go ahead and make some of this gluten free naan bread from Gluten Free on a Shoestring. Also a Pinterest find, also delicious.
I have made this recipe three different times now, each time with a different ingredient to replace the yogurt in the original recipe. The first time, I used goat yogurt from Trader Joe's, because somebody thought it would be a good thing to try, and so it was in the fridge already and I was using the bread for chicken gyros, so it seemed appropriate. It was not a good thing to try after all, really it was gross yogurt. The bread worked fine, but had a bit of a funny smell to it, and was rather tough as it cooled. The next time I made it, I used So Delicious coconut yogurt, and it was so beautiful. Smelled so good, looked so purty, and tasted amazing. The third time, I was too lazy to go to the store, so I used a can of coconut cream in place of the yogurt. It worked all right, better the goat yogurt, not as tasty as the coconut yogurt; but I would definitely use it again in a time of crisis.

The only down fall with this bread, is that it really only tastes good fresh and warm. As the time goes by, it gets tougher and less flavorful. So I would make as you go, rather then cooking all eight at once if there isn't eight people there to eat them.

 So there you go, an easy dinner for you to make tonight. A perfect warm treat to get you through the Bay area storm, if it should effect you at all. 
I have been waiting patiently for the floods, thunder, lightning and heavy rain that was supposed to be coming here on the Central Coast. But, nothing. All I woke up to this morning was a few puddles, and not even a patio chair knocked over. And we're back to clear blue skies today. So lame.

Anyway, Enjoy! xoxox


Currently // December

Watching: About halfway through Gilmore Girls on Netflix, I absolutely cannot remember how the series ended, so it is really like a new and fresh show. Also, making my rounds through the Christmas cinema. Hallmark Channel original movies, ya'll.

Reading: Nothing? I will be starting on the second Maze Runner book one of these days. I stink in the reading department right now. You can't really be doing five things at once while reading a book like you can a show. Also, Gilmore Girls is taking over all my free time.

Wearing: Scarves! Sweaters! Booties! Ugg boots on rainy days that make me slip and break my knees, and rip said sweaters! True story.

Eating: Cookies.... I mean vegetables. :/

Listening: Christmas tunes!! I could probably devote a whole post about my favorite Christmas songs, but here is a little list of songs beyond the traditional that you should check out:

1. One Little Christmas Tree // Stevie Wonder
2. Christmas Without You // OneRepublic
3. White Winter Hymnal // Pentatonix
4.Winter Song // Sare Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson
5. Santa Will Find You // Mindy Smith
6. I'll Be Home // Meghan Trainor
7. Santa Tell Me // Ariana Grande
8. Christmas Lights // Coldplay
9. No Christmas For Me // Zee Avi
10. Merry, Merry Christmas Everyone // Jon McLaughlin

Favorite Holiday albums : Michael Buble, Christina Perri, Pentatonix, Dave Barnes, Mindy Gledhill, She and Him, Sarah McLachlan, Lady Antebellum, Colbie Caillat, Ariana Grande, and obviously Mariah Carey.

App-ing: I used the Face Compare app a couple weeks ago, which is an incredibly confident and incorrect app to use. My nephews tried it out, one was said to look 100% like Lil Wayne, the other apparently looks like 50 cent, and the third some Asian model I've never heard. The fact that it has the guts to say that you have 100% the same face as some one else, especially someone with a whole different ethnicity is something else. I wouldn't recommend it (check out instagram to see who my doppleganger is)

Craving: gingerbread cookies with icing. I mean,  carrot sticks. :/

Drinking: I'm ready for some hot chocolate, man.

Googling: London, Europe blah blah blah.

Coloring: If I could paint my body in a shade of red wine/burgundy/marsala, I would. Obsessed. For now I'll just keep it on my nails, my lips, and my clothes.

Shopping: I got all my Christmas shopping done! Woohoo! Being poor is both a blessing and a curse at Christmas time. I also want some L.L. Bean boots, ya know for all that snow we have here in California :) but unfortunately  they are backordered until March. Bummer. I will have to continue to slip in the rain until next fall I guess.

Playing: Nobody got time for that!

Crafting: Gingerbread houses, Christmas trees, little nutcrackers. Whatever Christmas projects I can get my grimy little hands on.

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Thanksgiving 2014

I really failed at the whole photo documentation of Thanksgiving this year. I took exactly three pictures, two of which are basically the same thing so really only two pictures. Both of which, involved food.

But really, the whole day involved food, so it seems fitting.

From waking up earlier then I would have liked to pop the turkey in the oven, to spending the morning assembling stuffing (I refuse to use the word dressing, its stupid.) to peeling a million more potatoes then necessary, then while the peeler was hot and sturdy in my hand-peeling a million apples for an apple crisp that didn't quite work out right but tasted mighty delicious just the same. It was a quite day, with just two of my sisters, one brother in law, and one smelly dog. The dog did not get to partake in any turkey day feasts. Cruel, I know.
It was also my first Thanksgiving without my mom and dad, which meant I didn't have my father around to cut my onions or peel potatoes for me, nor my mum to make the gravy and sweet potato dish. I also had to do a lot of dishes and trash taking out. And, I just missed them, okay?!

Anyway, now that Turkey day is complete we can move on to more exciting activities; like Christmas trees, carols, and all the hot chocolate that can possibly be consumed. And we won't think about turkey for another three hundred and fifty seven days, because I've eaten more of it in the last week to last those three hundred fifty plus days.