Happy Halloween!

Lets start this Holiday with a few flashbacks of Halloweens past.

I think I had three other costumes this year...the benefit of having five older siblings and their costume castoffs.

I dunno if this was my witchy look, or the pre-teen angst. either way....

 Lets talk about how awesome my parents are sometimes. My moms mad costume skills, and my dad playing along. In public, might I add.

This might have even been the same  year as the bumblebee, I dunno. I wore that leopard costume at least three years in a row.

and you're welcome for this. 
Let's never talk about it again.

Have a Happy Halloween you beautiful people!

p.s. I will be eating my traditional dinner in a pumpkin tomorrow, how about you?


Paleo "Cornbread" without any corn

That title makes sense, right?

Cornbread made Paleo, hold the corn. 
So really it's bread. But its really kind of cake.
Regardless, it's Paleo, it tastes good, and you can lather it in honey-butter and call it cornbread.

Although I do not follow a Paleo diet the recipes are all gluten free, mostly dairy free, corn free, and  refined sugar free. All of which I am a follower of. All of which this bread/cake is.

Come fall, cornbread is one of those things I look forward to-like apple cider and chili.
Unfortunately, as corn is one of my major migraine triggers (literally the second any corn product is ingested, my head will start to pound.) I have had to abstain from cornbread for the last several seasons. I have also finally given into the fact that refined sugars are also a migraine trigger for me. I've been in denial about that one.

So this recipe, while it is not exactly cornbread (don't get your hopes up) it has the same effect as its predecessor, and it is mighty delicious. Seriously.
It is soft, sweet, moist and slightly nutty. Just like the original. (that is to say if you go for a sweet cornbread, which I do)
It would go great with a big pot of chili, and incredibly tasty with a honey-butter spread.

Shopping List:

Almond Flour
Coconut Flour
Dairy Free Butter or Coconut Oil
almond milk
baking sods



Gluten Free Chicken Pot Pie

Remember how I had that whole ordeal with internet shopping, that left me with a box full of pie crust mixes? I remember, because I'm the one with a cupboard full of them.

I have successfully used one mix so far, now only five more to go! ugh.
So this week, for bag numero two-o I made a chicken pot pie.
Chicken pot, chicken pot, chicken pot pie!

It is a pretty simple dish to make, the most time consuming is really just rolling out the dough, and chopping vegetables. Speaking of rolling out the dough, it was somewhat impossible to transport those rolled layers into the pan. For the bottom layer I just gave up and molded it in with my little fingeroos, the top was a little trickier and resulted in me basically upturning and throwing the rolled circle on top really fast. It sorta worked out. 

But we're just going to go ahead and call this a "rustic" pot pie. Thats what they do on all the cooking shows when it doesn't look so pretty. Like when they call a plate full of sandwich ingredients a "decomposed dish" because they didn't have time to actually make a sandwich. You aint fooling nobody. 
Also its go purple carrots. Nothing spells rustic like purple carrots.

Shopping List for Chicken Pot Pie:

chicken or vegetable stock
Coconut Flour (can be substituted with any GF flour)
GF pie crust
olive oil

Here is the recipe printable!



Gluten Free Black and White Cookies

I have never been to New York.
There was a time in high school were my plan/wishful thinking was to go to NYU and enter the Clive Davis music program and live happily ever after as a fancy music person. Then my dad decided to open a recording studio (read:mid-life crisis) and I was forced to move on to new better dreams. Its not cool if your dads doing it. That and I, for the last ten years have had a new master life plan every week. Its really quite a talent, dreaming up different lives...is there a career hidden in that somewhere? 

New York is famous for a variety of things, and many different food trends romp the streets--one of which is the black and white cookie.
I have never eaten a New York Black and White cookie, and unless there is a gluten/dairy free bakery there somewhere making them-I never will.
With this realization, my hand is forced. I must make them myself. My hand will then be forced once again to shove them in my mouth. Because thats what you do with cookies. 

According to the information I have gathered off of the internet, a black and white cookie should involve the following:
-cookies should be soft and sponge like, as it is really more of a cake batter then a cookie. Slightly shortbreadish, with a hint of lemon.
-One half is chocolate, the other vanilla. Traditionally both sides would be fondant. But most are made with chocolate ganache, and vanilla fondant. The messier ones use buttercream for the vanilla or both sides.
-It should dome slightly in the middle, while still remaining soft on the thinner areas.

That all I guess. I thought I learned more facts then that...oh well. 

This gluten/dairy free version had all of those qualities! I experimented with different sizes/thickness and my favorite version was definitely the larger/flatter ones. Mostly the smaller ones were not as good because I cooked them too long, and they got a little bit dried out. So pay close attention when cooking! You want them to stay moist and delicious!
For the frostings, I kept it simple and light with a vanilla glaze and melted chocolate. I didn't want to add too much more sugar, and also cannot use corn syrup for a traditional topping. You can top them with any variation of vanilla/chocolate you'd like though! 
Then eat three and feel okay about it, because really its cake and three cookies equal one slice of cake. Makes sense right?

Also, because this.

Here is the recipe printable!

Enjoy! xoxox


Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread

This post must be started with a disclaimer.
Every fall, women and children alike (I'm pretty sure not much of the male population is included in this) get incredibly excited for the arrival of pumpkin flavored goods.  The day Starbucks rolls out their pumpkin latte, everyone knows about it whether they care or not by the influx of social media attention. Really....I don't need to see another picture on Instagram of a Starbucks cup. Seriously. Stop it.
They get excited to buy cans of pumpkin and use it in every possible baked good they can think of, eat as many slices of pie as they can fit in their mouth, and light candles with the scent of the favorited orange squash.
The one woman-child that does not give a hoot about pumpkin flavored anything,would be this one right here. Yup. I really couldn't care any less about any of it. Actually thats not true, because saying I  couldn't care less gives the implication that I am indifferent to the whole thing, when in actuality I really quite despise it all. 
I said it, I do not like pumpkin.
I cannot stand pumpkin pie, I do not like the smell, the texture or the taste of any pumpkin goods I've come across. Maybe somethings just wrong with me, I dunno. 

That all said, I don't mind the once a year slice of chocolate chip overdosed pumpkin bread fresh out of the oven.
So this year, I was on a mission to create a fantastic loaf that even I would enjoy. It needed to be moist, chocolatey, and sweet. Annnnd to top it off, wanted to make it without white sugar, in addition to gluten and dairy less.

So last week, I started on the pumpkin bread making process. I whipped up the batter, loaded it with Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips (and I mean loaded) and popped it in the oven. The timer rang, the toothpick came out clean, and it had a beautiful browned top. Perfection. I let the loaf cool in its pan for a little bit, before plopping it out on a cooling rack. I turned the pan over, gave it a little tap and the loaf fell out nice and easy. Trouble came as I went to turn the loaf over. I picked it up and the whole bottom came off in my hands, then then out of nowhere gooey batter started spilling everywhere. Like a baking ninja, I tried to maneuver the cooked top and bottom together to keep the uncooked middle from spilling everywhere. ugh. So back in the oven it went! For another two stinkin' hours on top of the original one. It finally cooked through...resulting in a extremely heavy brick with a burnt top. I wish I could say that it didn't still get eaten, but.....

So this week, I tried it again...with a few minor adjustments and it was perfection.I mean that. The best pumpkin bread I've ever had. Sweet and super moist (even the next day, which is rare for gf bread!) It could've used a little more chocolate, but I went easier on the chips this time just in case this one also failed. (I used EL Dark Chocolate chips for this one)
This loaf was also to being a made with sweet potato instead of pumpkin, because I couldn't find another can in the cupboard and am way to last to go to the store just for a can of  pumpkin. Auto correct just tried to correct pumpkin to pupmkin. Thats a little backwards. Anyway, it would have made for a really interesting loaf, considering the sweet potato I was considering using was actually several little jars of baby food. Yup, I almost stole food from a baby. Sorry Ems. 
That would have been an all-time low in my cooking career, so thankfully I had a can of Libby's in their. Seriously what is up with this auto correct, its really stupid? Since when does blogger even have autocorrect?!

So without further ado, here is the super awesome gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free, pumpkin bread printable recipe

Just don't expect any other pumpkin flavored things on here in the future, it probably won't happen.